L'Antic Colonial

L’Antic Colonial aim to offer a wide variety of high-quality products for modern architecture.

L’AC continues to be a byword for quality, commitment and hard work. Nature is our passion and our inspiration. We live by it and for it, to offer natural and environmentally-friendly materials.

L'Antic Colonial


Natural stone such as marble has been used in construction since prehistoric times and it is highly versatile, durable and adaptable. Natural stone is a sustainable building material that reduces the impact on the environment.

L'Antic Colonial


A wide variety of designs and unique ideas to revolutionize the décor in any home. There are countless pieces that exude sophistication designed to bring a homely feel to every space.

L'Antic Colonial

Timber & Laminate

Laminate flooring is also extremely durable, without sacrificing style. At L’Antic Colonial we have laminate products with a variety of technical characteristics, to meet all of your diverse construction needs.

Our Partners


For over three generations Ca'Pietra has been at the forefront of home décor, style and design, creating inspirational tile collections for your home.


Urbatek tiles are designed and manufactured to withstand outdoor conditions. They comply with the applicable quality standards, standing out for their durability and high resistance to extreme environmental conditions.

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