We have the secret formula for wellbeing. Colours and water outlets that activate the five senses. Because water gives birth to life and it has inspired us to create Wellness Showers and Baths, which offer a routine of well-being to revitalize both body and mind.

Noken is the company within the Porcelanosa Group that specialises in manufacturing sanitary ware, brassware and bathroom furniture. With cutting edge design from some of the world’s leading designers such as Zaha Hadid, Fosters & Partners and Luis Vidal accompanying technological advances in sustainability, they offer solutions for architecture and interior design which make life more efficient, optimising the use of basic resources such as energy and water.

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A subtle and significant way to enhance luxury bathroom design, bathroom brassware can intensify the look of any scheme. From accentuating modern classic bathroom design to completing your contemporary style bathroom, Crosswater’s show-stopping brassware ranges bring the desired look to any luxury bathroom.

Samuel Heath

Samuel Heath are dedicated to the creation of definitive and highly desirable British manufactured taps, showers, bathroom accessories and door and window furniture.

BC Designs

BC Designs prides itself on quality, innovation, and originality. Started in 1999 by British designer, Barrie Cutchie, who has been at the forefront of bathroom innovation and design for over thirty years, BC Designs has become a well respected design house that offers beautifully crafted products in all areas of the bathroom market.


HiB is widely recognised as a world leading bathroom product manufacturer providing cutting-edge, quality bathroom products throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East.


Novellini shower enclosures are the epitome of comfort and style. Thanks to the importance we place on innovation and the latest in technology, such as the use of new tracks for some products, stability is the strength of our shower enclosures, as well as being a unique design item that can be highly customized.

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