Kitchens reinterpreted. SieMatic has been building high-quality kitchens for individual living spaces since 1929. Where cooking becomes the stage for creative living, wherever it takes place.

The kitchen is the place where creativity unfolds. A place where you spend time with others, but also with your own thoughts. A place to come home to and embark on new creative adventures.

Siematic kitchens


Storage from SieMatic is the functional interplay of flexible drawers, innovative MultiMatic solutions and consciously selected accessories. The aluminium system elements can easily be inserted into the hanging rails to customise. Existing space is used cleverly and even tall objects such as bottles or chopping boards are sure to find a place. The patented multifunctional tracking can also be fixed to the inside of unit doors as well as inside the carcase. This means that up to 30% more storage space can be gained.

Siematic kitchens


What makes URBAN so versatile and unique? It is the unconventional, intuitive juxtaposition of carefully selected objects and thematic contrasts: exciting and peaceful, strange and familiar, modest and ostentatious, flea market find and design classic. It is the individual aesthetics that tell a story of the experience, values and contrasts of a unique personality. It is “solitaire” planning in which each object has a relationship with its neighbour.

Siematic kitchens


SieMatic works with illustrious international designers to create room concepts for the SieMatic CLASSIC collection, whose options extend far beyond the realm of traditional kitchen design. These concepts make it possible to play with styles and to utilize seemingly contradictory design elements to compose a harmonious whole, to the delight of all who seek to elegantly combine the old values and the new. And those whose demanding sense of aesthetics does not fit into classic “pigeonholes.” Get to know the world of SieMatic CLASSIC, and discover the most beautiful furnishing style for the kitchen: your own.

Siematic kitchens


Give enjoyment more space in your life. The SieMatic PURE style collection opens up a cornucopia of creative options, with room concepts integrating the functions of the kitchen with the architecture, perfectly and unobtrusively. The elegant minimalistic language of form of the furniture elements from the SieMatic PURE style collection places the focus on what really counts: the lasting values of the exquisite materials and the precision of their workmanship down to the smallest detail.

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For more than 120 years Miele have been building appliances. They are quite simply the global premium brand for household and commercial appliances with the very highest quality standards.


Neff is a renowned German manufacturer of high-end kitchen appliances.


Quooker is a company from the Netherlands that manufactures mixing taps with integrated heating elements, as well as soap dispensers, water filters and water softeners for removal of minerals from hard water.


Cosentino Group is a global family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for architecture and design.

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